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Guiding you with subliminal messages and directions which can empower your life path.

All about me

I am Manish Kumar Arora, K.P. Astrologer, Psychic Reader, Tarot Reader & Numerologist. I have been practising these subjects and giving guidance to my clients for the last 25 years. K.P. Astrology is based on the principles founded by one of the greatest astrologers, Mr. K. S. Krishnamurthy who removed some lacunae from Vedic Astrology and propounded a separate theory named as K.P. Astrology. Guiding my clients and instilling in them a positive attitude has been my motto. I am of the opinion that worry and fear are very unproductive and unnecessary traps and while we are all only human, we need not stay stuck in these modes. I am committed to helping you find happiness. Your freewill, your determination, your willingness, your inner truth is who you are, and my aim is to guide you to open yourself to be who you choose to be.

A look at my studies

Seeing other astrologers reading horoscopes, I was fascinated how with the help of 2-6 charts and some tables, astrologers were able to forecast about past, present and future of persons, their finance pattern, their marital life etc. Curiosity and excitement led me into learning astrology. My self study through books written by Mr K. S. Krishnamurthy founder of K. P. Astrology helped me in delving deep into ocean of astrology.

A few curiosities about me

I am born in Delhi India. I am a commerce graduate from University of Delhi. I was employed as officer in Punjab National Bank from December 1987 to October 2018 and took voluntary retirement to focus exclusively on astrology. I listen old bollywood songs, am great admirer of bollywood movies and watch international cricket matches on TV with passion. Exploring hill stations of India to rejuvenate myself has also been one of my areas of interest.

I'm the right astrologer for you if

I try to instill in my clients a positive attitude so that they are able to embark on their life path with a positive frame of mind. My psychic insight has helped my clients to resolve their deepest concerns in love, relationship and marital life. My insight on their career path, finances, investment and spiritual journey have helped them in resolving their major dilemmas. I will walk the path together with you, channelling for you the divine messages and guidance and help you achieve your goals!

My professional skills

My skills include expertise in K.P. Astrology, Rider Waite Deck in Tarot Reading & Pythagoras System of Numerology.

The features of my chart

As per chart made through K.P. Astrology, my ascendant is Aquarius. My Jupiter and Sun are exalted giving me good aptitude for Occult subjects like astrology, tarot and psychic readings. Mars in 8th house has helped me to go deeply into relationship and career aspects of my valuable clients. My major period of Jupiter is running which has given my international fame as it is exalted and activating my 2nd 6th 11th and 12th houses.

Prices & Payments | Manish

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Chat EUR 25,00
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Ally – 31/05/2021 - 13:25:16:
Excellent, clear reading

I was really impressed with the efficient response time (within 24 hours) I received from Manish. The reading was clear and concise and directly answered my questions.

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