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Guiding and navigating your soul on confident, clear and blissful path!

All about me

Hi! I am Reema, Vedic astrologer and Tarot Card reader with an experience of more than twelve years. I have been guiding clients across the globe through the mystic medium of Tarots and ancient science of Vedic astrology. I have been guiding clients on various issues like love-life, relationship, marriage, career, job change. My approach is empathetic and I believe in getting my clients to the root cause of their problems, bringing to light hidden truths that they might be unaware of, so that they are able to make right choices and decisions towards a blissful life.

A look at my studies

I had my schooling from a Christian school ST.THOMAS. Post that I pursued my graduation in Physics Hons from the prestigious Hansraj college from Delhi University. After my brief stint of starting my Masters in Business administration I felt some disconnect and realized that corporate world wasn’t my soul calling. I started delving into healing and occult sciences like Tarot cards, Vedic astrology, Numerology and crystal healing. However I develop a strong affinity towards Vedic astrology and tarots. There has been no looking back ever since and I have successfully amalgamated science of Vedic astrology with wisdom of tarot cards to understand and comprehend complex situations and guide my clients towards bliss.

A few curiosities about me

I like reading spiritual books, meditation, love to keep myself constantly updated with new healing modalities like accupressure, naturopathy, sound therapy, mantra chanting. Passionate about healthy cooking and try to keep myself as close to nature as much as possible in all the aspects.

I'm the right astrologer for you if

● You are a highly spiritual person, grounded and firm believer of karmic theory.
● You seek a purely honest reading no lies or sugar coatings
● You are at a crossroads in your life and in dire search for right answers
● I can assist you in getting to the root cause of your issue and help you with your doubts and accepting the reality.
● You need an Astrologer who is emphatic, you would feel at ease connecting with me sharing your situations, apprehensions or anything that you might feel is troubling you without the fear of being judged.

My professional skills

Being well versed in astrology and tarot cards I can help you with any situation that is crippling your peace of mind, help you in your decision making process if you happen to be on crossroads. I can understand and pick your energies through cards and read planetary movements through your natal chart to understand the depth of a situation. I can suggest you the best possible path and guide you towards your highest good by helping you in your choices of decision making. MY readings are simple, relatable, realistic, empathetic and intuitive.

The features of my chart

A Piscean ascendant and moon in Capricorn according to Vedic astrology and Aquarius according to western astrology. This combination of water and air makes me an affable, down to earth, easy to connect, and a person with a mature intuitive approach on various subjects. Having dabbled with various healing modalities made me aware that my core strengths are tarot cards and planetary positions and their influence in an individual life. Feel free to connect with me and let me help you in your journey!

Prices & Payments | Reema

Service Price
Phone EUR 1,50 per min
Chat EUR 5,00
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