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You need a special 'passport' to become part of our platform so we can travel together in confidence and ease.

So, what exactly does it take?

  1. Empathy for others and a natural ability to listen actively without judgment, knowing how to speak simply, which inspires trust in others.
  2. Mastery of the symbolic language of the stars and tarot cards, a skill acquired through years of study and practice.
  3. Practical experience and skill at quickly identifying key aspects of a birth chart — or a comparison between two charts — and making predictive readings.
  4. Giving a consultation as an expert guide who can focus on the question, perceive a person's needs, and help them to understand their situation, motivating them, and facilitating positive change.
  5. Consistency over time, an innate capacity for maintaining your skills over time as a consultant who never tires of your profession chosen out of love and dedication.

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