General terms & conditions of use and sale

Esotel Card is an online meeting place for Astrologers and Customers operated by ACS Limited. Providing and maintaining this virtual meeting place is ACS Limited’s only responsibility. By electronically signing the legally-binding agreement on the Customer completely agrees to our Terms and Conditions, which are as follows

1. What ACS Limited provides

Esotel Card is an online venue whereby an Astrologer can offer three kinds of readings to you, the Customer, with the following prices and situations:

  • Telephone readings at a specific rate per minute
  • Short chats at a flat rate with a maximum of 200 words
  • Email readings at a flat rate

The Customer agrees that ACS Limited’s only purpose is to provide the meeting place and cannot be held responsible for the quality, price, reliability and accuracy of the Astrologer nor the quality of the phone or web signal.  If the phone signal is poor, or there are other technical problems, the Customer can report this to ACS Limited and the Customer’s own telephone or Internet Service Provider. Any problems on the Customer’s end should be handled by their company, for which we are not responsible.

4. Rates

The first 3 minutes of all phone readings are always free. This permits time for the Astrologer and Customer to meet, and to enable Customer to pose his question in an unhurried fashion. Phone charges then begin in the 4th minute. Time for waiting and transfer is not charged.  Chat and email flat rates are posted in the Astrologer’s Profile. 

2. Registration and access to the service

The Customer must register with Esotel in order to use his computer, tablet or smartphone with our service. The Customer’s email address, password and phone number are private and confidential. ACS Limited will only use these for the purpose of the Astrology service and promises to not reveal any such private information to any third party. To obtain readings, the Customer must have an active Esotel Card with sufficient credit to cover the cost. These funds are available to the Customer in the following amounts: 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, and any higher amount up to 500 Euros in what Esotel Card calls 'Top-ups', i.e., filling the Card account with credit funds.  Upon Registration, the Customer will receive a one-time 10 euro welcome gift. The authorization for this gift will be a code sent by text from Esotel to the Customer to use it on the first top-up funding.

5. Methods of Payment

Top-up funding can be purchased by debit / credit card and Paypal. We accept Visa and Mastercard. All transactions are carried out securely through Global Payments payment gateway which provides Verified by Visa and Secure Code security protocols, designed by Visa and MasterCard respectively against fraudulent use of credit cards.


At the end of any reading, the Customer has the option of leaving an evaluation of the Astrologer, so as to improve the quality of our service and share opinions with other Customers, only under the following conditions: The paid telephone reading has to have lasted at least 5 minutes. Chat or email - the Customer has to have spent at least 10 Euro. ACS Limited reserves the right to moderate comments which may be removed if deemed inappropriate as in the case of false or hurtful comments whose sole purpose is to harm the image and reputation of the service or Astrologer. Honest evaluations and opinions are welcome.

6. Supply Conditions

If the Top-ups purchased are not usable for technical reasons, ACS Limited guarantees full refund of the amount purchased, returned to the Customer’s original debit / credit card or PayPal account, within 15 business days of purchase. For more information, contact our Help Desk below. Assistance is provided in Italian or English.  Astrology & Consulting Services Ltd 7 D'Olier Street, Dublin 2 - Ireland +39 02 4792.1335 - +353 1 9638.212