The members of our Esotel family draw on a wealth of knowledge and skills to give you a service that is precise, attentive, and always focused on your individual needs.
Empathy and interest in understanding others, expertise from years of study, attention to listening, and practical experience.
Being an astrologer is about much more than being an expert who knows how to read birth charts,
it is about being a guide and a special travel companion to take you on your journey of discovery.

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we ask of our astrologers

Find out what sets our consultants apart, and why we are on this journey together.
This is the selection process to be accepted into our platform.

If we start with 100 people who would like to be part of the Esotel family

1st CRITERION: Empathy as key to listening

Only 30% have innate empathy for others. An Esotel astrologer must have deep attention to the person needing help so they can take a journey together in which listening is about dialogue and not about judgment.

2nd CRITERION: Expertise as qualification

Only 18% also have the expertise required. Professional astrologers come with their bags packed full with their skills at reading birth charts, abilities they have learned from books and courses after years of study and training.

3rd CRITERION: Skill test

Only the remaining 10% pass the practical test and prove their abilities in action. They demonstrate their interpersonal skills, show their ability to analyze and read birth charts, compare two charts, and give predictive readings.

4th CRITERION: Get right to the destination

And only 7% actually pass the test, proving that they are experts at giving an astrological consultation, have what it takes to perceive the individual's needs, and - to mark out their performance - real practical experience in the field.

5th CRITERION: Unflagging commitment over time

Ultimately, only 3% make it past all these challenges. As consultants who never weary of this profession they have chosen, astrologers in the Esotel family are driven by great enthusiasm and prove they can keep their performance high over time.

Why Esotel

You can see that we have a detailed selection process for astrologers joining us on the Esotel journey, and they are monitored by our experts and your feedback alike. This test has a single goal: creating a platform that becomes an international community that only has room for the best.

Start your journey. We'll find your path together.

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